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Merced Heights Home Seeking $599,000

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Sure, you have to head pretty far south to find this abode, but it's adorableness may entice you to make the trek. The 2-bed, 1-bath, 840-square-foot home in Merced Heights is asking $599,000. That's much higher than the neighborhood average, even though this particular home appears to be the smallest on the block. But we do agree with the listing agent that it's got a "private retreat" feel. We should also point out that it was newly constructed from the foundation to the roof in 2010. There's even a detached garage that could double as some type of home office or guest house if you could bear to park your vehicle on the street or just the driveway. What do we think, readers? Too pricey for the neighborhood or too adorable to pass up?
· 80 Ashton [Redfin]