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Turf Wars

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People are still talking about how spectacular the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th anniversary fireworks show was. However, there's a small group that's miffed about how the event's debris is being handled. "We've been under such fire, but it's such a double standard," Martha Walters, head of the Crissy Field Dog Group, said. "They say the dogs are ruining the environment, but then they do this." According to the Examiner, "hundreds" of plastic caps and chunks of cardboard have been washing up on local shorelines, including Crissy Field, which is home to delicate wildlife populations. "Any event that has up to 150,000 people, there's going to be debris leftover." a GGNRA spokesman said. "Whatever debris is there, we're going to clean it up." [SF Examiner/photo via Shutterstock]