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Presidio Heights Big Abode Gets Chopped to Pieces

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Was: $8,500,000
Then: $7,500,000
Now: $6,950,000
You Save: $1,550,000 This poor (Ed. note: well?), sad, huge house in Presidio Heights. It was first listed in July of last year with the mind-boggling asking price of $8,500,000. Later that year it took a big chunk of change off its asking price, but still no buyers. Shoot forward to today and it's officially taken $1,550,000 off its original price. The 7-bed, 6.5-bath, 7,400-square-foot house first took a bit of heat from commenters for its over-staged look. There was stuff everywhere, and that's a hard achievement to pull off when you're dealing with a house as big as this one. It's since done a bit of decluttering, but the bulk of the home is staged the same. And while we know that before you get the keys the stager comes in and takes everything out— leaving you a blank canvas— it's still difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that big of an abode when there's so many twin beds on display. What say you, dear readers? Will this price reduction finally land this big manse a buyer?
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