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Vandalism Shuts Down Local Mission Retailer Weston Wear; New Shops on the Horizon

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Welcome to Racked SF, where local fashion blogger Kristen Philipkoski reports on retail comings and goings around San Francisco. Phiipkoski has been living and shopping in San Francisco for 20 years, and she blogs about it over at Seen a store open, close, or otherwise claim your attention? Hit the tipline, s'il vous plait.

[Photo: Jay Barmann/SFist]

The big news on the retail front this week, sadly, is the vandalism that went down on Monday night on Valencia in the Mission. A group of about 60 thugs marauded down the street, smashing storefront windows, bashing-in cars and launching paint balls, terrifying folks dining in window seats and setting back retailers thousands of dollars.

1) The Mission: Local clothing designer and retailer Weston Wear was one of the hardest hit, which is extra-unfortunate considering they suffered a fire in 2010 and had recently remodeled. The store's general manager Brigitte Moore told Mission Local that the damage will cost the business about $7,000. Three floor-to-ceiling windows were smashed and the spaces had to be boarded up. The damage was too extensive for them to open for business this week--they're hoping to re-open by the weekend. Oh and if they don't clean up quick enough, the S.F. Department of Public Works has threatened to fine them. [Mission Local/SFist]
It's a shame this happened a longtime local designer, Julienne Weston, whose clothing is all made in San Francisco, and who has been in the city since the '80s. Moore says Weston is invested in the community, and hopefully she'll stay that way. The Voyager Shop and Therapy are two other retailers struck by the madness, in addition to many restaurants and other businesses. [Mission Local/Eater SF]

2) Union Square: In more positive news, British shoe designer Kurt Geiger is set to open his first-ever brick and mortar shop in San Francisco's Union Square this summer. He'll be remodeling a former Nine West outpost--we're speculating that means the 250 Stockton Nine West location? We shall keep you posted. He hopes his higher-end footware will do better business than the less expensive retailer in the fancy district. Next stop for Geiger is possibly Madison Avenue in New York City or Los Angeles--we can only imagine he's scoping Beverly Hills. [WWD]

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