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Want To Cash In On The America's Cup? Move Back In With Your Parents For A Month

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This view of the America's Cup race is available for $1,000 a day [Photo credit: ResLux]

As an event that seems to inspire either abject terror (crowds on Telegraph Hill!) or massive yawns, it remains to be seen how many people will travel here for the America's Cup races next summer. None of which is keeping some residents from thinking about renting their digs out for the race. Best bet, of course, is for people in the Marina- with the biggest official public viewing area planned at Marina Green and the neighborhood's easy access to the Jumbotronless and merchandise-free viewing spaces at Crissy Field and Aquatic Park. The Chronicle looks at people planning to cash in on the race, ranging from a Marina couple who will use the revenue to go on a delayed honeymoon, to philanthropist Lorry Lokey (he sold BusinessWire to Warren Buffett for $600M in 2006 an has been steadily giving it away ever since) who plans to rent out his rarely-used Russian Hill 2-bed, 2-bath. He's apparently one rich person not interested in the race and proceeds from the rental will go to charity. Consult you tax advisor!

The usual suspects in home vacation rentals, Airbnb and HomeAway are touting the race as a huge opportunity, both for homeowners and local businesses to catch revenue that visitors might otherwise have to spend in hotels with their pesky 20% occupancy tax. Hot on their heels a new company, RezLux, is targeting well-heeled yacht-racing fans visiting San Francisco, offering a 3-bed, 4-bath house on Marina Boulevard located "directly across from the Golden Gate Yacht Club" for $1000 a night.
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