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The Very Literal Turf War Continues

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The existing soccer fields, which will be replaced by turf [Photo: SF Planning]

Last night after an epic showdown, the Planning Commission voted 4-1 to certify the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Environmental Impact Report. The project calls for replacement of grass soccer fields with artificial turf, the addition of stadium lighting, and new service buildings. The scene played out as soccer vs. birds, as parents and coaches marched adorable young soccer players before the commission. Environmentalists and neighbors tried to argue their case, saying it would ruin the bird habitat and alter the neighborhood with excessive lights at night. In the end, both the Planning and Rec & Park Commission voted their approvals.

In the end, the certification of the environmental document means the project can move forward, but everyone assumes the losing side will appeal to the Board of Supervisors. And the turf battle wages on.
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