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If Star Trek Has Its Way, High Speed Rail Will Go To The Presidio

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We're heading out early for the long weekend. Enjoy the holiday, and we'll be back on Tuesday!

With her 75th Birthday looming this week, we're getting in the mood to celebrate that star of screens big, small, and really tiny— Golden Gate Bridge— with some clips from her past. Each afternoon this week at Lights! Camera! Action! we've posted a video to our liking. Enjoy!

We close this week's Golden Gate Bridge mini-film festival with a compilation of San Francisco clips from Star Trek, in which the bridge proves to be a graceful and admirable supporting player. Where other filmmakers have found the bridge an irresistible lure for disaster and terror, the Star Trek franchise seems to have nothing but optimism and affection. They've also managed to put the Starship HQ in the Presidio— after what must have been an epic NIMBY battle— along with some outstanding transit options. Happy Birthday, Bridge!
· The Star Trek Movies in San Francisco [DaveUtting/Youtube]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA