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St. Francis Wood Abode Is Housing a Peach Fanatic

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We occasionally stumble upon a property that has a lot of? something. Maybe there's a plethora of intricate woodwork. Or perhaps there's giant cobalt blue tile for all interior and exterior flooring. Today it's the color peach. 21 San Pablo in the very residential St. Francis Wood neighborhood has just hit the market. The 3-bed, 2-bath, 2,924-square-foot home is asking $1,695,000. The current owner likes the color peach. No, loves the color peach. The living room with its soaring ceilings is peach. The kitchen cabinetry and appliances, thankfully, are white, but the walls are peach. Let's see, what else? Ah, yes. The breakfast nook. Guess what color the walls are? Peach. The master bedroom's window treatments and bedding are peach, and then there's a bedroom that had a peach fabric bomb go off. It's everywhere. Thankfully these are all easy fixes. Whomever buys this place will likely purchase a couple dozen buckets of paint to make this place their own.
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