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OK, It's Time We Made An Honest Building of You

Feds not compliant? Above, a shot of Honest Buildings' interactive map.

For most of us, the new Honest Buildings maps of San Francisco will be handy for snooping on our neighbors— like the Federal Reserve Bank. For building owners, investors, and tenants, energy efficiency is serious business. Honest Buildings launched in San Francisco this morning, mapping out and sharing ownership records and environmental compliance for (eventually) all buildings in town. You have to sign in (free!) but after that, it's clear sailing across a Google map. As for compliance issues, we see the Fed has not yet met standards set in 2011 by San Francisco's Existing Commercial Building Energy Performance Ordinance, probably because they don't have to. But a few blocks away, the Hines-managed 50 Fremont Center owned by TIAA-CREF is compliant— having benchmarked its energy use and reported the details to the City. Others, like the Old US Mint at Mission & 5th Street, are LEED-Registered, meaning the work to upgrade environmentally is in process. Building owners can register to update their property data on the site, and the site's business model is to provide a targeted advertising platform for vendors— the people who will upgrade your boilers and install solar panels on your roof.
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