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Calling All Eccentric Multimillionaires: Instead of Buying a $80M Penthouse, How About You Buy the Claremont Hotel?

Early last year we told you that Berkeley's Claremont Hotel Club and Spa filed for bankruptcy. Tourism was up when Morgan Stanley acquired the property in 2007. Shortly after the sale tourism took a real dive, and the swanky hotel's $400 per night rooms weren't being booked. Now it's for sale. Got $80 million? That's all it'll run you. Since we can easily find single-family homes and condos in other cities that cost more than that, we have an idea for an eccentric and adventurous multimillionaire. Instead of buying some huge penthouse in NYC or a gigantic mansion in LA (for more money), live in the penthouse in the Claremont Hotel! You'll have a 24-hour access to a 20,000-square-foot spa, no HOA dues, and everyone in the building has to do your bidding. Seems like a sweet gig to us.
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