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Christopher Walken Takes A Bad Fall Off The Golden Gate Bridge

With her 75th Birthday looming this week, we're getting in the mood to celebrate that star of screens big, small, and really tiny— Golden Gate Bridge— with some clips from her past. Each afternoon this week at Lights!Camera!Action! we'll post a video to our liking. Enjoy!

Watch bad guy Zorin (Christopher Walken) go mano-a-mano with James Bond (Sir Roger Moore) in this climactic fight scene atop a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge involving an ax, a zeppelin, a rogue Nazi scientist, and the obligatory blond. With a story line and script that wobbles (badly) between cornball and camp, A View To A Kill may not be the Bond franchise's best work but is still intermittently hilarious. The film's best moments involve Grace Jones, but she'd already blown herself up a few frames back, and sadly, does not appear in this scene. Walken plays a rogue KGB agent turned entrepreneur, out to corner the micro-chip market with plans to destroy Silicon Valley by setting off an earthquake. From the days when Silicon Valley made microchips. All the bad guys end badly, of course, except for Bond, who gets the girl.
· A View To A Kill [IMDB]
· A View To A Kill: Golden Gate Fight Scene [YouTube]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA