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Obsessed? Slighty

With her 75th Birthday looming this week, we're getting in the mood to celebrate that star of screens big, small, and really tiny— Golden Gate Bridge— with some clips from her past. Each afternoon this week at Lights!Camera!Action! we'll post a video to our liking. Enjoy!
It's one of the most unforgettable scenes in Hitchcock's Vertigo: Madeleine Elston leaping into the water under the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point, only to be "saved" by Scottie. The film is as noteworthy for its evocative 1950s San Francisco locations as it is for Scottie's runaway obsession, and although the jump/rescue scene was filmed in a studio against a background image, you can still visit the Fort Point location that inspired it. The road Madeleine and Scottie drive down to Fort Point is still there, and although now closed to auto traffic, it's accessible just beyond Crissy Field's Warming Hut. If you're sufficiently intrigued, we suggest the first few minutes of Obsessed With Vertigo, the AMC documentary about the making of the film and its '90s restoration.
· Vertigo: Saving Madeleine [Youtube]
· Obsessed With Vertigo [AMC via Youtube]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA