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Top Three Residential Property Sales For the Past Seven Days

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Listed for: $2,795,000
Received: $2,395,050
Size: 4-bed 4.5-bath, 2,885-square-feet
Location: 1391 Clayton Street, Clarendon Heights
The skinny: Being big and brand new wasn't enough for this contemporary fortress to find a buyer—it's been on and off the market since 2008. The property has all sorts of fancy features like a chef's kitchen, an indoor-outdoor sound system, sauna, wine cellar, decks, 4-car garage, etc.

Listed for: $2,740,000
Received: $2,600,000
Size: 5-bed, 2-bath, unlisted square footage
Location: 4135 23rd Street, Noe Valley
The skinny: Last sold in 2008 for $2,550,000, the listing tells us that the home has since undergone a renovation. We hope the sellers didn't take too big of a loss on its sale.

Listed for: $2,999,000
Received: $2,925,000
Size: 4-bed, 4-bath, 3,184-square-feet
Location: 429 Douglass Street, Eureka Valley
The skinny: We've covered this property before. Click here to read all about it.