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Orange 75-Year-Old, This Is Your Life

With her 75th Birthday looming this week, we're getting in the mood to celebrate that star of screens big, small, and really tiny— Golden Gate Bridge— with some clips from her past. Each afternoon this week we'll post a video to our liking. Enjoy!

Just shy of 5 minutes of breezy and slightly foggy, this clip from fellow bridge-lover and Youtube user Luke92849 is a family heirloom. A film of the first Pedestrian's Day on May 27, 1937, it was taken with a 8mm camera by an uncle of his wife's, and at the time, cutting edge technology. The 8mm format had been developed a few years earlier, and we love how unguarded everyone is about being filmed 75 years before social media.
· Golden Gate Bridge Opening May 27, 1937 Pedestrian Walk [YouTube]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA