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Tehama Grasshopper Hops Back

Jumping back on the market here, and here, the evergreen Tehama Grasshopper has just been re-listed as two condominiums asking $3.695M for the spectacularly hard-edged 2-level, 3-bed, 3-bath 2-parking upper unit with roof deck and $1.5M for the ground floor office space. Making the entire building $5.195 should your needs so dictate. It's always been two condominiums, but we're assuming the re-marketing here has to do with the packs of newly-minted millionaires roaming SOMA looking for either places to live or a venue for their new start-up. [Redfin, plus extensive coverage and gallery at Curbed SF]

Tehama Grasshopper

431 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA