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8 Washington: So Many Appeals, So Little Time

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8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 appeals are up before the Board of Supervisors today [Photo: 8 Washington]

The final EIR for 8 Washington Street/Seawall Lot 351 was approved back in March. Shockingly, it was appealed a few weeks later. Two separate appeals were filed - one by Equity Office Properties, and the other by Friends of Golden Gateway - and today the Board of Supervisors will hear them both at the same time. They’ll vote whether to uphold the EIR certification or overturn it, and will then go on to hear the appeal of the Conditional Use Application that was approved. The appellant for that one is also the Friends of Golden Gateway (again, shocking).
The issues in the appeal are all the same - it’s too tall, too bulky, there’ll be shadows on Sue Bierman Park, it’s all luxury housing, too much parking, the environmental review wasn’t adequate, etc. The Planning Department recommends the Board upholds both the environmental certification and project approvals and deny the appeals. If the Supes approve the project, the Port will have a special meeting at 9am tomorrow to approve the development deal for Seawall Lot 351.
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