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Maybe a Maybeck, Still A Sweet Russian Hill Cottage

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The listing says this modest Arts & Crafts cottage is "attributed to Bernard Maybeck" but we'd say a better bet was someone working for him. Or using the same lumber yard— it's certainly in his spirit. The 3-bed, 3-bath cottage at the bottom of Russian Hill came on the market last week, asking $1,875,000, a kind of Berkeley Brown Shingle meets Anna Madrigal (and Macondary Lane-adjacent.) The current owner's 20-year stewardship seems to have been gentle enough, but yes, it could use some updating, and probably anyone buying this pre-1906 gem will be thinking "expansion." Or at least "new bathrooms and kitchen." There's a lot to love here. In Berkeley, of course, this house would be a million dollars less.
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