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The Bad News: As Suspected, Rental Rates Have Increased Dramatically Over the Past Year

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[Map created for Curbed SF by LiveLovely Click the map for a larger view]

The above map shows the average advertised rental price for each major San Francisco neighborhood compared between 2011 and 2012. LiveLovely, a local apartment hunting site, compiled the data using figures based on indexed apartment listings posted on Craigslist. It should be pointed out that while sometimes an apartment is listed for $2,000 but is rented for $1,800 or $2,200, we feel like the numbers are still very close to accurate. The norm is not to list an apartment for $5,000 and then take $1,000 instead.

The bottom line: the average rental apartment listing price has doubled year over year (Q1 2011 vs. Q1 2012) in some neighborhoods; increased dramatically in most.

A quick note: In a few cases (e.g.: Diamond Heights, Seacliff, Crocker Amazon, Visitacion Valley and Chinatown) the number of new listings was low (fewer than 50 in some cases, fewer than 100 in most; average = ~2350), which means a few upper-end listings really skewed the average listing price.
· LiveLovely [website]