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Up This Long Driveway Is a $16.5M Home Perched Atop Billionaire's Row

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In 1907, Virginia Whiting New-Hall commissioned starchitect Albert Farr to design a 4-level home for her family. She had experienced the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, and was certain that a properly built New England-style wooden house would better withstand future earthquakes. The house has been with the same family throughout its history. The home's last known resident was Jane Newhall, who passed away late last year. Now the home's on the market. The 7-bed, 6.5-bath, 11,500-square-foot abode is perched on the south side of the 2800 block of Broadway, aka Billionaire's Row. Asking price? $16,500,000. Property highlights include extensive millwork and a plethora of windows to show off the fabulous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and its surround beauty. Tell us, dear readers, how quickly will this big manse sell?
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