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George Lucas Wants Low-Income Housing at Grady Ranch

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Remember that studio that George Lucas wanted to build at Grady Ranch in Marin? But NIMBY neighbors mucked it up with their complaints, so he pulled the project? Well now Lucas is advocating for plans to build low-income housing on the site. On Tuesday the Marin Community Foundation announced that it’s working with Lucasfilm to “explore options” for affordable housing building projects. Lucas is offering up all the technical reports prepared for the studio project, which would save any initial studies for housing a ton of work and money.

The studio had hoped to construct a production facility, but the neighboring Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners Association complained it would displace dirt, affect the stream, and bring too much traffic. The site is zoned for residential, and in the Lucasfilm press release announcing their pull of the studio project, they stated they hoped the future development would include low-income housing. That should make the neighbors super excited.

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