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Pending Extravaganza! Both Of These Big and Expensive Abodes Went Pending After Less Than Two Weeks On the Market

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And it's not like this isn't happening all over San Francisco. Houses are selling quickly and for more money than they were offered. These two properties, however, are quite pricey, one of them is even in the top 20 most expensive residences currently for sale. Will they both sell for over asking? Give us your best bet in the comments!

First up is 740 Church, the 6-bed, 6.5-bath Spanish Mission style mega house that has an asking price of $5,250,000. You can read all about it in an earlier post Curbed published when the property plopped on the market. The property's literally a 15 second walk to Dolores Park. We should absolutely point out that this home's location is a mere block and a half from that fixer-upper that got 51 offers and sold for 65% over asking last week. It was only on the market for four and a half minutes. Think the same will happen to 740 Church? It's directly across from the park, and features a courtyard with reflecting pool. Its sale went pending after 11 days on the market.

We've already introduced you to San Francisco's most expensive two bedroom house, plus alerted you to its pending sale. But let's revisit, yeah? The 2-bed, 3.5-bath home came on the market asking $4,200,000 and the very lovely Arts & Crafts house went pending after 12 days on the market. Do you need a drink? Because we do. Obviously no word yet on what the final sale is for, but we'll keep you posted.
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