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Missing Doyle Drive? Take The Presidio Parkway Transportation Simulator For A Spin

Can't wait to test drive the new Presidio Parkway? You can get a taste in the video above, but we recommend a visit to the Autodesk Gallery at 1 Market Street. Using tools from the visualization software company, a simulated drive down the finished roadway was put together in 2011— including roadfeel in the seat— and it's available for public test drives during gallery hours, Wednesdays from noon to 5:00pm. The gallery exists to show off how Autodesk customers use their software, and here it's the roadway's contractor and engineering firms along with Caltrans getting a sense of what the end result will be. For construction geeks, the exhibit includes Autodesk applications used in the Oakland Cathedral, the Academy of Sciences, and extensively in the Bay Bridge project.
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Doyle Drive

, San Francisco, CA

The Presidio Trust

34 Graham Street, San Francisco, CA 94129

Autodesk Gallery

1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA