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Grandly Francophile Mansion Just Can't Find A Buyer

Was: $9,500,000
Now: $7,950,000
You Save: $1,550,000

The owners of 2209 Pacific Avenue listed their house for sale in July, 2011 for a staggering $9,500,000. There was a reduction to $8,600,000 this past September, and last week, another chop to $7,950,000. Still staggering, the 5-bed, 7-bath house was originally designed by Beaux Arts architect Arthur Brown, extensively renovated over two years, and still looking good. Built the same year as the francophile Brown was finishing up his San Francisco City Hall with its gilded, copycat Parisian dome, 2209 has the same 18th-Century spirit, just C.1915. Very comme il faut and formal, but not so formal you'd need a footman (although one might come in handy) and instead of a stable there's a big garage with direct elevator access to the rest of the house.

Check out the realtor's dedicated site: perfect terraces, huge kitchen, room to hide the au pair, a home theater, plus two very swank baths and dressing rooms for the master suite, but on a surprisingly bleak block of Pacific Heights. Like other French things— the Euro's in trouble, their economy is on the brink of collapse, and they'll probably elect a Socialist this week, we're about to end production of foie gras in California— will this house suffer a similar fate and come down again? How much would you pay?
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