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Bay Meadows Trotting Along As Second Residential Developer Signs On For Family-Sized Condos

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Click on image to expand. Bit by bit, the Wilson Meany Sullivan's Bay Meadows megaproject is coming together. As reported in the Business Times, a second residential component will soon get underway, with 93 condos to be built by Shea Homes. According to the article, it's estimated Shea paid more than $200,000 per buildable unit— or upwards of $18,600,000— for their prime site facing the project's 12-acre park where they'll build two, three and four bedroom units. So far, no word on the Class-A office space planned along the Caltrain right-of-way, or when the project's train station renovation will get under way. Shea's component is called Landsdowne, a name, sadly, unrelated to racing or historic horseflesh. Groundbreaking is expected to begin this summer on designs by KTGY Architecture+Planning, a big Irvine-based architectural and planning firm that from the looks of it's portfolio, does successful mainstream projects that developers like. So yes, we're expecting more of that comfortable stucco Peninsula Post-Modernism.
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