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Three Top Residential Sales For the Past Week

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There were 87 closings this past week. Here are the three most expensive. Two of them, both Pacific Heights— a co-op and a condo— sold for under asking after languishing on the market. Is this a trend?

Listed for: $4,350,000
Received: $4,000,000
Size: 3-beds, 3-baths
Location: 1940 Broadway, No.6, Pacific Heights
The Story: One of those vast, full-floor co-ops that some people dream about, with incredible views, this sold seven months after listing for $200,000 less than the owners paid in March, 2011 and a whopping $911,000 less than the previous owner paid in March, 2008. March is the cruelest month. Probably unrenovated since the '50s, this looks like a succession of rich-people holds and we seriously doubt anyone's lived there since 2007.

Listed for: $2,995,000
Received: $3,005,000
Size: 4-beds, 3.5-baths
Location: 1340 Cole Street, Parnassus/Cole Valley
The Story: This "sophisticated" if somewhat bland Edwardian house in the "heart of Cole Valley" went for $10K over asking. Great bathrooms, however. There may have been a bidding war— or skirmish— over the move-in ready house, which closed in under six weeks. Well done!

Listed for: $1,849,000
Received: $1,780,000
Size: 3-bed, 3-bath
Location: 2635 Buchanan Street, Pacific Heights
The Story: In a 2-unit Edwardian building, this big classic flat with a garden sold within about six weeks, but it had been on the market for six months back in 2011. The sellers paid $1,780,000 for the condo in 2007, and this time around they had to pay the agent's fee and transfer taxes.