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Perfect For The Whole (Royal) Family, Just $2.5M Cheaper

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Was: $20,000,000
Now: $17,500,000
You Save: $2,500,000

Absent the somewhat pedestrian staging, you could almost imagine exiled aristocrats swanning about the c.1902 Hellman Mansion, architect Julius E. Krafft's vaguely-Tuscan palace built for a banker's daughter on Jackson Street. The 7-bed, 7.5-bath, 2-kitchen house came on the market in mid-September, 2011 and suffered it's first pricechop late last week. Whether the asking price was too ambitious, or the renovations too tacky, or the fact that it seems to be committed for a May, 2012 encounter with a decorator's showcase- or all three- is hard to know. And while the dining room is spectacular, we're more fascinated with the back of the house, where under a long terrace there's a family room and kitchen opening to another terrace with a curious play structure mounted on what appears to be an elevator shaft. Full-on interior porn at the realtor's dedicated site, where the empty rooms speak volumes. Surprisingly, there's only a 2-car garage underneath all this.
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Hellman Mansion

2020 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA