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Archbishop's Mansion B&B Sells- Will it Seek Redemption As a Private House?

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Five months on the market and $950,000 off the original asking price, the house known as the Archbishop's Mansion has sold. Originally built in 1904 for the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco (lest it be confused with any other denominations) the 13-bed, 14-bath house on Alamo Square closed escrow yesterday for $7,000,000. In 1944 the building became "a Working Boys’ home for Catholic youth" according to the agent's dedicated site although we'd heard it was a convent for a while. Whatever, lads or nuns, it was a residential rehab center until an '80s transformation into lodgings and a wedding venue. The 3-story, skylit redwood stair hall is mind-bogglingly grand, and the thought of this landmark as a private house is mind-boggling in itself. While we're totally enamored of the vintage kitchen, we're also wondering which lucky decorator's going to get this place to work over. Floor plans in the gallery.
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