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Craigslist Poster Solves the Homebuying Dilemma?

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Want to rent your driveway to this tiny house? [Photo: Tumbleweed Houses]

A Curbed reader tipped us off to this awesome Craigslist post:

160ft² - Wanted: parking place for tiny house (mission district) I'm looking for a place to park a cute tiny house (check it out: ) in SF or the east bay, beginning no later than the end of this August. This could be a low-hassle way for you to rent out the back end of a long driveway (no shuffling cars!).

My requirements are minimal. The space needs to be at least 8' wide, 20' long, and 14' high, and accessible from the road. It needs to have access to a power outlet or extension cord, and to a hose bib.

No word yet from the poster about how they came up with the...alternative rental arrangement, or if they've gotten any takers. The house mentioned in the ad is the Fencl model, produced by Tumbleweed Houses. Following the Tiny House trend, it's only 130 sq ft. What do you think readers - would you rent out your driveway?
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