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Make it Classy with Red Carpet

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Roll out the red carpet for... no wait, roll it back. Please. It burns our eyes. We came across this 5-bed, 2-bath house in Portola where the listing agent has made generous and unfortunate use of HDR photography on his iPhone. We hope in person that the wall-to-wall red carpet doesn't cause retina damage like it does currently, but then again, those who suffer from red-green colorblindness may just have found the perfect place to house Red-Green Colorblind Bachelor on black and white TV. There is one room with hardwood, so cross your fingers it's still lurking under all that plush, freshly-vacuumed goodness, and one single room with baby blue carpet, probably because they used up all the red carpet in the world. Really, the only things that's terrible about this place is the carpet, so that's probably an easy fix if you can get past it initially. For $528,000, you get 1,800 square feet, a sweet, though outdated, kitchen, a 3-car carport, a fairly spacious backyard, and a free pair of sunglasses. It's open this weekend, so please, dear readers, report back and let us know.
· 3124 San Bruno [Redfin}