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Live Like a Post-Modernist at Gay Ground Zero, $620K

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Kudos to the agent for making clear at the outset that his "Eureka Valley" condo listing is smack in the middle of the action- whatever action is looking like these days in the Castro. Rather than rolling out of a bar and into bed, we suspect whoever buys this place is going to jump out of bed and onto a bike headed down Market Street street to work. But it's all there: The Castro Theater, Diesel, naked men sunbathing in the parklet, public transit, an eminently walkable neighborhood, plus what passes for nightlife in a city that shuts down much too early. Asking $620,000, the 2-level, 1-bed, 1-bath condo with 1-car parking at 2425 Market Street popped onto the market today. It's actually bigger than it sounds, with a dining area and a loft made up as a second sleeping area.
Designed by San Francisco Post-Modernist architect Dan Solomon in the early '80s, the complex was considered good enough to be included in Woodbridge, Woodbridge & Byrne's magisterial reference San Francisco Architecture:

As for Harvey Milk, he didn't live long enough to witness AIDS or the scrubbing off the map of his beloved neighborhood to protect property values. Maybe someday the San Francisco Association of Realtors- the people who decide what neighborhood you live in- will deign to give the Castro back its name. If you're out hunting for Easter Bunnies, or just brunch, there's an open house Saturday, April 7 from 1:00pm to 4:pm.
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