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Mission Rock With More Grass, Less Parking

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[All images via The Cordish Companies] The Giants aren't sitting idly by waiting for someone else to develop their parking lots. Although there have been proposals for the Mission Rock area just south of the ballpark, the team's owners may well have been spurred on by recent worries over control of the parking lots around LA's Dodger Stadium during the negotiations to sell the team (Frank McCourt controlled the development rights to the lots, not the team.) The Giants recently signed a new lease with Ports on the property, and from the Chronicle today we learn they've teamed up with the Cordish Companies and unveiling a $1.6B plan to develop the area residential and office towers, plus huge spaces for public gatherings opening onto Mission Creek and the bay. The project is expected to take a few years of wending its way through the various bureaucracies with construction to start in 2015.
· Giants' Mission Rock Plan is in City's Ballpark [SFGate]
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Mission Rock

Pier 50, , CA 94158