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Overlook Dolores Park From Your Own Spanish Mission

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There's no shortage of swell places to live in San Francisco. In Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights and asking $5,250,000, this 6-bed, 6.5-bath Spanish Mission style house is one of them. Some people will quibble about the location— too close to Dolores Park, too much noise from the J-Church, too close to the Castro, too close to the Mission. Others will value it for the same reasons— good public transport, an easy walk west to the Castro or east to all that good food in the Mission, all the while overlooking whatever attractions Dolores Park is offering. Plus schools and churches, if those things figure into your calculations. In other words, perfect for rich people who don't want to live in Cow Hollow or the Marina. Built in 1936, the house has been buffed and polished over the past few years with a singular vision, with one design aesthetic and employing the same small menu of materials throughout.
A great house for a party, especially the walled patio out back, although we might want to add a wood-fired pizza oven. The entire top floor is dedicated to the master suite, and there's a tiny 2-bed, 2-bath apartment with its own entry on Cumberland Street, sharing the lower level with the garages, the wine cellar and another large bedroom suite. The buyer gets an unfinished project as well— neatly walled-off, of course— a 40 x 60-foot terraced lot looking like the perfect opportunity for either a swimming pool or serious urban farming. We're thinking chickens and at least one goat.
· 740 Church Street [Redfin]
· 740 Church Street [Neal Ward Properties]

Dolores Park

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