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The Tehama Grasshopper Comes Back

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Fougeron Architecture's fabled Tehama Grasshopper seems to have survived the winter and hopped back to market- this time with the ground floor commercial space included. The building, priced at $5,190,00 has a big white office space and 2-car garage down plus the much-published 3-bed, 3-bath, 2-story residential unit with its penthouse and deck, was completed in 2007 and featured in that year's AIA house tour. On and off the market ever since, the residential unit has garnered its share of raves and and ridicule online- which is understandable, since it's not a Victorian. It's also one of the few seriously minimalist extravaganzas around that isn't by Stanley Saitowitz.

Fougeron Architecture has a big portfolio of mostly civic projects, with hard surfaces deployed in an unexpectedly delicate manner- like their much-praised new Ingleside Branch Library- and is known for working within strict environmental parameters. Plus its unfair to judge online what looks like a magical space, except for moments like this. The agent's old dedicated site is still up, with detailed specs, a great slideshow and an old price (for the residential unit) of $4,180,000. Located in a neighborhood that not everyone wants to live in, but within easy walking distance of Twitter, Zynga and other Tech 2.0 companies, this may be Grasshopper's moment.
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Tehama Grasshopper

431 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA