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Dropbox Celebrates Scoring 87,000 Square Feet of Office Space; Keith Haring Sculpture Temporary Removed For Restoration

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SoMa—Whaaat? Oh wait, it's only temporary. The Keith Haring sculpture outside of the Moscone Center at 3rd and Howard streets has been temporarily removed for restoration by the San Francisco Arts Commission. The sculpture will be reinstalled in the summer of 2012. [SFAC/image by Genvieve Masse]

SOUTH BEACH—The Mayor was on the scene yesterday with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston to officially open the new office of Dropbox, a tech company that provides a sharing service for user to share files. Dropbox's new HQ is in the China Basin Landing Building at 185 Berry Street, and is 87,000 square feet. It can accommodate approximately 550 employees. [Curbed Inbox]