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Interested in an Obscenely Expensive Studio? We Have Options For You!

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We're scratching our original plan of picking a neighborhood and then finding you the best cheap, moderate and expensive rentals. Why? Because we found too many expensive studio apartments in our search today. Are you one of those awesome renters who has too much money but enjoys confined spaces? Well then today's list of curated rentals is for you! These are all studio apartments that are currently being advertised for more than $2,000 per month. Read on, and try not to weep.

If you were thinking this list would be all FiDi and SoMa, you're wrong: we found an Inner Sunset studio for $2,595. Excuse us while we make ourselves a martini using very cheap gin. Yes, it's nice, but for that amount of money we'd expect hardwood and luxury finishes. The listing boasts "panoramic views," but as far we can tell, they are of Kezar Stadium. So maybe it's good for those who like to run the track or spy on people who do? [Lovely]

Another neighborhood you might not think of when it comes to pricey studios is Laurel Heights. We found this one on Arguello for $2,350. The price includes parking and your own private deck. There is a dining room here, so it might be possible to partition your living space to make it feel less like a studio, but then you might be situating your bedroom within arm's length of the kitchen, which might spell (or smell) disaster (or awesomeness) if you're the type who likes to eat cheese in bed. [Craigslist]

It wouldn't be fair if we didn't finish off the list without going in the downtown direction, so we found a studio in the Montgomery Building for $2,500. The location is great for those working downtown or those who enjoy a good Sushirrito [Ed. note: ew, gross]. The unit comes with a washer and dryer, and for an extra $100 per month, it will come furnished with an orange sofa and a flat screen. The building has architectural appeal and a rooftop deck, so everyone wins. Unless you don't want to spend $2,500 for a studio without parking. Then you don't win. [Craigslist]
· 1212 Willard [Lovely]
· 237 Arguello [craigslist]
· 74 New Mongomery [craigslist]