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Behold, the 35th Annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase

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Be forewarned: this post is photo heavy. (And for good reason.) The 35th annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase opened its doors to the press today, and we're happy to report that we took and received plenty of photos for your gawking and drooling pleasure. As previously reported, this year's property is the 11,500-square-foot historic Hellman Mansion in Pacific Heights at 2020 Jackson. Julius Krafft was commissioned in 1902 by Wells Fargo Bank President Isaias Hellman to build the Classic Revival mansion as a wedding gift for his daughter.

We were quite curious how the 30 or so interior designers would take on their designated rooms, particularly in how they'd transform their space to feel less? 1902, since much of the original interior architectural elements have been retained. The results are impressive, magical, opulent (insert luxurious adjective here). The majority of the designers were able to flawlessly blend old and new to create fabulous spaces. Above, a gallery (with designer info in the captions). Enjoy!

The 35th annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase will be open to the public April 28 through May 28. For ticket information please visit its website. Proceeds benefit the financial aid program of San Francisco University High School.
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Hellman Mansion

2020 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA