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Today's Board of Supes Meeting Promotes Public Art

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Artist's rendering of Bay Lights installation [Photo:]

FiDi - The Land Use and Economic Development Committee will be recommending a resolution approving a six months designation of six temporary street artist spaces on the north side of Market Street between Spear and Steuart Streets. The Arts Commission has already unanimously voted for the six temporary spots, which will join the existing 17 permanent street artist spaces that already exist in the area. [SF Gov]

BAY BRIDGE - Supervisor Kim will be introducing a resolution supporting The Bay Lights art installation on the Bay Bridge west span, beginning with its Grand Lighting in 2012 and continuing with illumination throughout 2014. Designed by artist Leo Villareal to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Bay Bridge and celebrate the East Span project, the installation includes 25,000 white energy-efficient LED lights installed on the vertical suspender cables of the north facing side of the upper deck on the bridge's western span (not visible to cars driving on the bridge). Animated video of the artist's rendering can be seen at [SF Gov]