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Hugo Hotel's Furniture Facade Not Yet a Goner

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'Defenestration' on the Hugo Hotel may survive a little longer [Photo: Whole Wheat Toast]

The famous/infamous Hugo Hotel, the Sixth Street landmark with furniture all over its exterior, may have caught a break with the recent dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency. Back in 2009, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency enacted eminent domain over the vacant building, and Mercy Housing drafted a plan to replace it with 56 units of affordable rental housing. But now that the Redevelopment Agency no longer exists, the project is without a funding source to demo the building and the whole project has been stalled. According to the SF Examiner, Brian Goggin, who created the 'Defenestration' piece with the help of other local artists in 1997, says if affordable housing isn’t going into this site, it makes sense to leave it up for as long as possible. Other community activists weren't thrilled with the designs for the affordable housing project anyway, and hope the delay can be spend revising the plans.
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Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA