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Julia Morgan Envy In Belvedere Will Make You Cry

For envy-inducing (or inspiring, depending on your mood) design, the Remodelista blog is a good place to go. Last week, they treated us to the interior of the Julia Morgan-designed "Casino" or luxe guest house built by Gordon Blanding in 1914 just downhill from his own house on Belvedere Island. The current owners of the Casino embarked on a long, much-needed renovation—the house was in such bad shape the 2009 listing only showed the exteriors— and they've brought a do-no-harm attitude to Morgan's delicate sensibilities. Along with some interesting art and furniture. More images of the not/not-yet for sale house at Remodelista. Enjoy.
· Splendor by the Bay: A Julia Morgan Restoration [Remodelista]