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Getting Serious

"I've asked Rec and Park and the Arts Commission to take real action now to address these issues. I'm happy to call for a hearing to review what city agencies are doing," said Supervisor David Chiu, whose district includes the tower. You see, Rec and Park is responsible for Coit Tower as a whole, and the Arts Commission is responsible for the historic murals inside the tower, all of which are in dire need of repairs. But there's no money, says Rec and Park and the Arts Commission. That's one of the reasons Rec and Park is trying to find a new vendor to host private functions and pull in more cash for the tower. However, there's a group in Telegraph Hill called the Protect Coit Tower Committee who think that the agencies are more concerned with profiting off the tower than preserving it. [SF Examiner/photo by Caitlin Mirra via Shutterstock]