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San Francisco Starchitecture Hits The Market, $3.395M

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Architect John Maniscalco has done some lovely stuff in the past few years, and 350 Hill Street is no exception. A featured player on the AIA house tour last year, the 4-level, 4-bed, 3.5-bath house popped onto the market last Friday afternoon, asking $3,395,000. And while it's tough to photograph, the soaring interior space is swell, as is the folding glass wall that opens to the garden. Plus there's a handy au pair or guest/office suite on the first floor above the garage. The results of a renovation that rendered the original house invisible, the 2010 version can be seen at the architect's website (check the award-winning house he did in Tahoe) and a video from Rick Teed at Teed-Haze. While the address is "officially" just a few yards north of Noe Valley- that could change when the SFAR re-draws San Francisco's neighborhood borders- a Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights appellation is still pretty sweet. Endless transportation options- besides your bike, there's a 2-car garage, a short walk to Church Street, and your corporate transportation department can give the location of the nearest private shuttle to work. See it for yourself on Sunday, April 8 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
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