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Get Your San Francisco Pedigree On With This House Within the Summit of Russian Hill

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The Summit of Russian Hill is a cluster of very fancy, expensive and exclusive homes that stretch from Taylor to Jones and from Broadway to Green, although there's only a few ways in. The most commonly used route is the 1000 block of Vallejo Street entrance that's accessible off of Jones. You enter what seems like a private driveway. You can also take the Vallejo stairs or the Florence Street steps. Anyway, it's a very close-knit and exclusive community, and one of its properties has been on the market since February. What gives? 49 Florence is a 2-bed, 2.5-bath single-family home asking $2,695,000, which is a quarter million less than it was asking when it first landed on the market in late February of this year. We cannot stress how highly-coveted this block is. Readers, what's stopping this abode from landing a buyer?
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