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Inner Richmond's Muriel Leff Mini Park

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We all love Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, but did you know San Francisco has over 220 parks and open spaces? Curbed SF wants to bring fame and glory to some of the smaller, lesser-known parks, and we're doing so with our series Park Life. Each week we'll spotlight a different San Francisco park or open space, and bring you all the details you need to plan a visit.

Muriel Leff Mini Park on 7th Ave in the Inner Richmond [Photo: Alex Bevk]

The Inner Richmond is full of amazing restaurants, bars, and shops, and the rent is still pretty reasonable, but it does suffer from a shortage of public green open space. That's what makes Muriel Leff Mini Park on 7th Ave so special - it's an unexpected mid-block oasis. Built in 1965, it's the first mini park in the City.

Where it's located: Entrance on 7th Ave, between Geary and Anza Streets.

What it features: The mini park is only .2 acres, but it packs in lots of trees, an open green space, benches, a large sandbox, and a large bright red statue.

How to get there: 38/38L drops off at 6th Ave. and Geary, and the 44 stops at 6th Ave. and Anza.

Dogs allowed?: Yes, but must be on a leash. Also, there are lots of signs about picking up after your dog, so please do (though the box with poop bags always seems to be empty, so bring your own).

Don't Miss: Despite it's proximity to Geary Street, the park is really quiet and secluded, especially under the giant leaning tree in the back.

Muriel Leff Mini Park

7th Avenue, san francisco, CA