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Maybe Next Year? Low-Income Kids Will Get Free MUNI, Everyone Will Pay Parking Meters On Sunday

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The SFMTA Board voted unanimously yesterday to approve a new two-year, $1,661,500 budget for 2013-14 which includes free MUNI access for poor school kids plus making parking meters operational on Sunday afternoons from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. At some point in the future, they'll decide on giving free MUNI access to all school-age "youth" a plan which Supervisor Scott Weiner came out against this past Monday in the Chronicle, worrying that the floodgates to free transport for all would be opened. But as Jaron Browne from POWER pointed out, there would be enough money for all schoolkids to ride free, regardless of income, if the SFMTA stopped repairing the SFPD's motorcycle fleet for free. Meanwhile, the "People of Faith" constituency objected to the parking meter expansion to Sundays, as expected, but so far, no objections from the "People of Brunch." The whole thing still has to be approved by the Board of Supervisors- which now gets to decide the official San Francisco definition of "low-income youth."
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