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What's Up With the Chinese Recreation Center?

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The new Chinese Recreation Center at Washington & Mason Streets [Photos: Sally Kuchar] From the Curbed Inbox:

Hey, I was walking down Washington and noticed that the Chinese Recreation Center looks like it'll be ready to open any day now. There's still a lot of construction around the building (sidewalk was closed on Washington and Mason), but the building looks finished. Any details on when it'll be finished? Perfect timing, because Rec & Park just issued a status report yesterday for the new Chinese Recreation Center at Washington & Mason Streets. Apparently it's 80% complete, with ongoing interior finish work and site work, like trenches for landscape, irrigation and drainage. The renovations include upgrading the indoor basketball court, the children's play area, and the pathways, as well as better ADA-compliant access and improved landscaping. The whole thing is scheduled to be complete in mid May.

Chinese Recreation Center

1101 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94109