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The Perfect House For That Perfect Couple, $2.995M

There seems to be a rash of perfect couples houses on the market. The houses are perfect (most likely the occupants are charming, of course) and the right size for two adults, some Jack Russell terriers, a weekend guest, and the occasional epic party. Up in Clarendon Heights, we had a tour of 20 Mountain Spring Avenue, which came on the market last Friday asking $2,995,000, listed as 3-beds, 3-baths, but more to the point, a flexible floor plan on three levels along with jaw-dropping views. The top floor is a master suite with a private deck and spa- we were tempted to call it a "hot tub" but as it's tile and not the usual redwood and molded plastic, we won't. On the main floor, there's a possible bedroom that opens to the living room, and downstairs, another flexible space (staged with a bed) plus a knockout concrete and green glass tiled bathroom. Renovated over the past few years, the details in this classic '60s house aren't so much spanking new as expensive and well-maintained, and the outdoor spaces are impressive as well, especially the stone steps, walkways and patios around the house, going down to a fourth level used for storage.
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