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At $4.2M, Is This Presidio Heights House The Most Expensive 2-Bedroom In San Francisco?

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This 1910 2-bed, 3.5-bath Arts & Crafts style house came on the market last week, asking $4,200,000, and kudos to the realtor, Janet Schindler, for fearlessly making it clear there are only two bedrooms. One of which seems to be partly below grade. Brilliantly, the top-floor master suite has two bathrooms, a fitted dressing room and a vaulted library/study perched at the apex of the living room's sloping ceiling, making this the perfect house for a couple. Preferably one with a collection of Arts & Crafts furniture. While the period redwood paneling and details seem to have been obliterated with paint, it doesn't seem to be as egregious as in this place, and the renovations are otherwise tastefully unobtrusive. Ms. Schindler also engaged a much better photographer, and while we couldn't find floor plans, the rest of the dedicated website for the house has every about other detail you could want.
As for the light fixtures, two are Lalique. There's also an Amdega conservatory- that Rolls-Royce of greenhouses- leading out to the garden. If you need to be even more blown away by the garden, theres'a a watercolor plan (.pdf) to ponder.

Located on a block that the usually-sober, Bay Area architectural history troika Woodbridge, Woodbridge & Byrne rhapsodized about:

This steep block is an architectural treasure trove for admirers of what has been called the First Bay Tradition, a west coast Shingle style that mixes elegant details with informality in materials and form. Nowhere else in the city is there such a harmonious stand of such houses. The architect's names are a roster of the turn-of-the-century group of easterners who produced the first flowering of regional design.We couldn't have said it better ourselves. One of a number of house on the street designed by William F. Knowles, 3235 was commissioned by Edwin W. Stadtmuller, a manager at a wholesale grocery.
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