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What's Happening at the Bourn Mansion?

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The Bourn Mansion at 2550 Webster is finally getting a little TLC. [Photos: Sally Kuchar]

Remember the epic Bourn Mansion at 2550 Webster, the spooky and neglected Pac Heights mansion with a sordid past and eccentric tenants? It sold back in January of 2010 for a bargain $2,790,000, andIt looks like someone is taking on the challenge of sprucing the place up, as there are now permit signs on the building and a Porta Potty out front.

A little digging showed that the permits are mostly for structural work: repair and rebuild damaged exterior wall and deck, repair broken skylights, loose slate roofing, replace missing guard rail and chimney caps. Since the permits calls out that all replacement shall be in-kind and match the original, it looks like a restoration is underway. Earlier last year the whole building underwent a seismic retrofit and was reroofed, so clearly someone is making a last ditch effort to bring the old girl back to life. We turn it to you readers, what do you think - is someone prepping to move in or are these structural repairs all for a flip?
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The Bourn Mansion

2550 Webster Street, san francisco, CA