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The Zombies Are Coming and You Need Supplies Before You Head North or To Treasure Island

Have you heard of Map of the Dead yet? It's a handy tool for helping you survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You type in your location and it tells you what valuable resources are nearby, like police stations, liquor stores, gun shops, grocery stores, hardware supplies, shopping malls, outdoor stores, radio towers, gas stations, harbors, airports, campgrounds and, for some reason, dentists. Oh, and it also locates cemeteries. The Downtown/FiDi/SoMa areas are where you want to be when it comes to gearing up. Not in need of supplies? Avoid it. In fact, avoid the entire city. It's one big "danger zone." A danger zone means it's an area specified as having 'man-made structures' which will likely result in more zombies.
· Map of the Dead [website]