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Vertical Living & Cardio in Pacific Heights, $5.775M

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This c.1912 Pacific Heights 5-bed, 4.5-bath house came on the market last week asking $5,775,000 and left us with mixed feelings. There's a spectacular foyer, but why does it have to be two flights up from the sidewalk? Instead of a gloriously gloomy Edwardian interior, the redwood paneling has been painted white, which is sad, but at least you can blame that misdeed on someone else. While we love the kitchen and its outdoor access, elsewhere a lot of schizoid- and very expensive- updating has gone on, and no one has figured out where to put in an elevator. Anyway, there are great views from the top floor, nice outdoor spaces, and full employment for a small army of wood refinishers.
· 2715 Scott Street [Redfin]